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How do I pay for Stretch-n-Grow programs?

Just go to REGISTER NOW and register through our Parent Portal.  Or, select Parent Portal in the main menu and you will open up our Parent site.  The site enables you to create your own account for your child and to submit and review payments at anytime.  Tuition is charged on the first of each month.


What should my child wear for class?


For any class your child should wear exercise clothes and tennis shoes.  If your child is enrolled in ballet class they will need ballet shoes.



Are your teachers qualified?

All of our instructors are Certified Youth Fitness Instructors through Stretch-n-Grow International.  All instructors have passed a full background check. Instructors have had previous experience in the teaching field and have experience in the programs they are teaching.


Can we still join your classes after the term has started?


Yes, once the semesters have started children can join in at anytime!


How can I drop from the class?


Email us 30 days in advance...


What is your ratio of children to coaches?


We follow state regulations regarding ratios for instructors with children. 

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